Vocal Coaching...

Why vocal coaching?  In vocal coaching, Yvonne makes sure that notes, rhythm, breathing, diction and posture are correct, and is familiar with the languages used in many vocal works: Italian, German, French and English. She coaches art song, lied, chanson, opera, musical theater and pop. Yvonne engages the student in the telling of the story, and helps them interpret the meaning of the song. 

The result is that the vocalist's teacher can then spend the majority of their vocal lessons working on their beautiful voice.  The added benefit is that the ensemble is then prepared for performance. This does not replace the need for a vocal instructor.


Yvonne is considered a collaborative pianist/artist, which is a discipline of music that combines piano performance, accompaniment and music pedagogy.  She has accompanied students under vocal teachers such as Roma Riddell, Steven Henriksen, Peggy Dwyer, Catherine McKeever, Lesley Andrew and Henrietta Cambala-Hulaj.  She also studied Vocal Techniques at the University of Windsor. 


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